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Tv studio photo light

1. Three colors of soft light or cold light.
2. It's daylight brightness suitable for photography, TV studio room and film.
3. Kinds of choice, according to you, we provide PHILIPS, OSRAM imported brand and
China made brand flourescent tube.

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Model DRL-2x36W DRL-2x55W DRL-4x36W DRL-4x55W DRL-6x36W DRL-6x55W
Tube Quantity        2        4        6
Tube Power 2*36w 2*55w 4*36w 4*55w 6*36w 6*55w
Color Temperature                        3200k&5600k
CRI 95-100
Voltage  AC220V/50HZ
Weight  6KG 7KG 9KG
Dimming Function 0-100% adjustable / Non-adjustable
Dimension  650*250*300MM 700*250*350MM 700*250*450MM


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